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Guide to Student Rotations

Please read...

1.Orientation Essentials Module
2.Patient Experience/Culture of Service & Service Excellence: Acknowledgement& Commitment to Standards
3.Orientation Test
4.Point of Care (POC) EMR User Manual

School to Complete:

Health & Background Screening

Student to Complete:

1.Statement of Responsibility
2.Confidentiality Statement
3.Orientation Acknowledgement
4.Student Orientation Record
5.Orientation Essentials Post Test
6.Whittier Systems Access Request Form - Agencies & Schools
7.Service Excellence Signature Page
8.Student Parking Application

To obtain a parking pass you must make an appointment, on your first day, with Nayra Diaz in Administration. Appointment hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

*$40 CASH deposit is refundable, contingent on compliance of parking lot rules.

In the video player below is a playlist of videos.

Please click on the video player below to activate it.
To access all of the videos listed just below the video player, please click on the "Playlist" button located at the bottom of the video player screen.

List of Videos

1.Blood Glucose Entry
2.Electronic Forms
3.Patient Education
4.Flow Charts
6.Pharmacy Medadmin
7.Accessing Virtual Record
9.Critical Values Test
10.Reassessment on e MAR

Welcome to Whittier Hospital Medical Center

We are excited to have students here, as students challenge all of us to keep up on evidenced based practices and keep our skills sharp. We hope that your clinical experience will be rewarding and that the skills you learn will excite and challenge you as you move forward to complete your education. The Leadership team at WHMC will be available to assist you and will provide support during your rotations, if needed. We have an open door policy and students are always welcome to ask questions or share observations or concerns. In order to prepare you for your rotation at WHMC, you will need to complete the following orientation materials before your first clinical shift worked in the hospital. These materials cover essential policies & procedures, clinical standards, documentation requirements, computer access, and performance expectations, to name a few. Listed below is a summary of the materials that you will need to complete:

1. Orientation Essentials Module

This module was developed to give you an overview of essential policies, procedures and expectations here at WHMC. Content includes but is not limited to Information access and management, patient safety, core measures, never events, infection prevention, privacy/confidentiality, environment of care, codes, etc. After review of study module, you will be required to complete and pass a Post Test

You will not be permitted to start your clinical rotation until these elements are completed.

2. Patient Experience/Culture of Service & Service Excellence Expectations

Service Excellence begins at the front door, continues with EVERY interaction, in EVERY department, and is expected by EVERY hospital team member and physician. You are required to sign your commitment to our Service Excellence Expectations before you start your rotations. Non-adherence to accepted behavior standards may be grounds for removal from the rotation at WHMC. Listed below is a summary of expectations:

1. Use AIDET at all times
2. Treat everyone with respect
3. Communicate with compassion
4. Create a positive first impression
5. Utilize OnStage/BackStage behaviors
6. Apologize, and amend when needed
7. Maintain a safe environment
8. Protect patient privacy and confidentiality
at all times
9. Work together as a TEAM
10. Leave a lasting impression

3. Parking

Due to limited parking, we ask that you please use the PARKING CONCEPTS INC lot across the street from the hospital. Please complete the Parking Access Card Request form to obtain a parking key card from the parking lot office located on the bottom level.

WARNING: Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas (front hospital parking lot, Marie Callender's lot, residential streets) are subject to towing at owner's expense.

Please complete these items promptly so that there will not be any interruption in your scheduled clinical rotations. We look forward to having you at Whittier Hospital Medical Center and hope that you will consider us in the future as you begin your nursing career!


Erin Hancock
Chief Nursing Officer
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